A Starbucks Halloween

I wrote this story through AIM along with my cousin Denisa. This was just for fun. Let’s just say we were really bored and had nothing better to do at the time. Nonetheless, we had a fun time writing it!

A young boy solemnly gazed through the rusty window and watched as the villagers of Lonestown pass by. He remembered that tomorrow was going to be Halloween. The village people were very superstitious and feared that every year on Halloween aliens would invade the village and abduct innocent human beings in their spacecraft. The villagers believed shoes to be good luck and every year they would lock their doors and hide their footwear in hopes that the aliens would leave them alone. What the people didn’t know was that on the other side of the land from which they lived, was a normal modern city, where Starbucks actually existed and movies were not a place cows went to.

“Momma!? When kin we have Stahbucks? It says in this heah ad that Stahbucks has the finest drinks,” the young boy asked his mother as she was milking the cow. “Stahbucks don’ exist boy! Them ads, they all myths, now you gits yo’ shoes hidd’n, so that the aliens don’ steal em’ too! Today is all hollows eve and tomorra the aliens will walk the lan’. Now don’ go playin’ around all foolin’ boy! Lest you get abducted jus like that other kid down yonder last year,” warned his mother. The boy took his shoes and hid them where no alien would find them— right by the door.

The boy’s curiosity never ceased him so he gave Starbucks a ring and someone answered. He began to hear a hard breathing sound on the other line. It was deep and then it became static. From the background, he started to hear “Help, they’re coming! THEY’RE Co—“ and the line suddenly cut off. The boy became terrified and he ran to tell his mother what happened. His mother didn’t believe him so then he took his shoes and hid them somewhere else. He tried to warn the town but everyone started to laugh at him, I mean come on, Starbucks? “It’s a myth boy!” cried one villager. Later that afternoon, his mother heard about the rumors her son had been spreading and confronted him. “Why you go scarin’ the town like there’s no tomorra? Ah oughta lick you fo this! Why dontcha git! Git and clean your room! Aliens like the mess and no angel will protect you if you don’ clean up.”

The boy started to clean his room when all of a sudden the phone began to ring. As his hands were shaking, he put the phone up to his ears and from the other line he heard “Try our new Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks Coffee!” He quickly dropped the phone and started to hyperventilate. His mother yelled while entering in from the other room, “Git to sleep, it’s growin’ dark. Now remember the saying ‘Now Ah lay me down to sleep.’ Repeat that ‘til you sleep away. Do you have yo’ horse shoe unduh yo’ bed?” “Yes ma.” “Now git to sleep before ah beatch yo’ head with a skillet! You’ve been raising Cain in this heah old town, but ah forgive you, b’cuz the Bible says to.” The mother closed the door, leaving the boy alone in his dark and gloomy room.

The night sky became darker and the clouds danced around the moon, teasing the land with all its illusions. As he lay in bed, he began to see shadows pass by his window and his heart started pounding like it was about to explode. He cried out “Ma! Ma! Ah jus saw someone out my winda!” The mother ran in and retorted “It’s jus yo’ imagination, Nah git to bed!” Later on that night, the boy continued to hear sounds outside the window which made him feel like he was about to go insane. He tried to mentally come up with a logical excuse to every disturbing sound he heard so he could sleep in peace. That night seemed like one of the longest nights he’s ever had to endure.

The next day, the rooster cocked and the entire town appeared like dead in the morning, almost as if everyone was afraid to come out and see the beautiful sunshine.  As the boy got up from his bed, he began to search for his shoes and remembered he left it by the table. When he went to check, they weren’t there! He called for his mother, but she didn’t answer. Too scared to leave his house, he waited until someone came and found him. The boy decided to take a nap to make up for his lack of sleep. He soon fell into REM sleep and began to dream. He saw a large plastic cup coming into view. It was larger than the largest windmill. It had a picture of a mermaid on it. This was all a conundrum to the boy. Then suddenly, as he looked closely into the siren’s face, it blinked and gave out a loud annoying shriek! “THEY’RE COMING! THEY’RE COMING!” The boy jumped awake from his sleep and began to breathe hysterically. It was 8:00 pm! He heard his family talking in the kitchen and as he entered the room he recognized that they had gone shopping for garlic necklaces and holy icons. These objects were being displayed around the entire house.

As soon as the family finished displaying the holy icons everywhere in the house, they hung the garlic around their necks and held their shoes. They lit the candles and turned off the lights. The father yelled at the boy to squat down and stay away from the window. “Ya never know who be watchin’ you boy. You be smart to come in sit by us. Git your hams down over here!” The boy quickly shuffled himself next to the family and kneeled fearfully close to the dark unlit fireplace.

Suddenly, they heard was a scream from the neighbors outside. The family heard the village people gather outside of their houses to see what the commotion was. They scrambled to their feet and exited their home to see what had happened. The boy saw a few village old women. They were the women of the town who were cult fanatics and wore long ugly flowery dresses and bonnets over their heads. Suddenly he heard from behind him a woman cry out, “AH SAW THEM! I SAW THE ALIENS! THEY HEAH!! THEY HEAH!”  The cult fanatics started to chant something and danced around with cocoa beans in their hands. The boy reluctantly walked back into his home to search for a weapon and as he entered the kitchen, he froze in his tracks. He could not believe it…was this a dream? The scent of Starbuck’s Mocha Frap was in the air. He looked around to see if anyone was around and as he went towards his room the scent became stronger. He ran to the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife and slowly walked back into his room but couldn’t smell the scent anymore. He ran outside and exclaimed to everyone that he smelled the thing that was in his house! “Stop actin’ like a dirt road idiot!” exclaimed his father. “YOU are scarin’ folks more that ways.” The boy suddenly heard a screech from inside his house. It sounded like the siren from his dream. All the villagers soon got out their pitch forks and torches.

Some villagers entered the home and found the floor covered in coffee beans which led to the corner of the room. Right there, before their very eyes was a Venti Cinnamon Spice Mocha. “What is all this?” one villager asked. “Don’t look boy; it will give you nightmares fo the rest of yo’ life!” The boy ran outside. He reached the top of a small hill and began to smell the Carmel Frap coming closer to him. The villagers slowly walked out of the house and saw the boy not far up ahead on that small hill. They could see the sun beginning to rise ever so slowly. There were also noises coming up ahead from where the boy was standing. As the boy stood still, the aroma of coffee in the air switched from the smell of Toffee Nut Latte to Peppermint Hot Chocolate. He looked and saw that a few yards away a mob of glowing green organic shaped figures were slowly coming toward the direction of the village.

The little boy finally ran to one of the male villagers with great worry in his eyes and said, “Suh, they was whisperin’ somethin to me.” The villager asked,” What did they say boy?” “Ah-ah reckon they said…’May ah take yo’ order?” No one in the village had heard a phrase put together like that before. As the boy turned around he again saw the monstrous figures on top of the hill. Some of them already reached the bottom and were luring in closer. “PAPS!! Git the villagers to scare them away with them torches and such! WARN THEM!” “Darn tootin’ I will” and as he turned around, more than half the villagers dropped their weapons and scattered around like lost chickens. They were all running into their homes and locked and secured whatever they could. “Holy Mother-in-law” the boy said under his breathe. “Quick! Run! Git into your homes! Hide yo’ shoes!” one of the villagers cried. The dark figures were coming closer and they had something in their hands…a knife? No! It was the boy’s shoe! Closer and closer the green-lit monsters came. Time wasn’t slowing down for the People of Lonestown.

The boy picked up a torch lying on the ground. “Give up that shoe you aliens!” The boy shakily cried out to the dark figures. “GIVE IT UP OR I’LL LICK Y’ALL!” It was no use. The creatures made no pause in doing so. Suddenly, out of the nowhere, the boy heard a chainsaw and a gun shot. He turned around and witnessed the only person who could hold a chainsaw and a rifle musket at the same time. It was his old gramps. “GIT OR AH’LL CUT OFF EVERY ONE OF YO’ ALIEN HEADS!” He started running towards the figures and looked like a crazy megalomaniac running across the field. The green-lit creatures started to make a run from the old man. As the creatures ran off they were dropping stuff behind them. The old man picked up what was on the ground… the ad read “Try our new Mocha chino with cinnamon for only $5”. The old man was so confused! He couldn’t believe what had happened.

That day, all the villagers locked themselves in their homes, including the boy and his family. “See ma. You saw it. Stahbucks really does exist.” The boy told his mother. “Ah don’ know, but whatever it was, it’s from the devil fuh sho. Them concoctions the aliens are tryin’ to make us take is surely a trick. We must always be on the look out. Now git to sleep boy! And take yo’ shoes with you,” ordered the boy’s mother. The kid suddenly noticed and said, “I can’t find my shoes ma. They are all gone.”

Suddenly, the scene is turned over to the other side of the town–the modern city. “I can’t believe those rednecks thought we were aliens!” laughed one of the guys while unzipping his glow-in-the-dark green costume. “Those people are crazy!” said another person, “All we want to do is trick or treat and offer some advertisements from our beloved Starbucks.” “We overdid it a bit don’t you think? Scaring them every year may be fun but we almost got killed this time!” “Yeah.” Agreed another. “Next year we should try Jamba Juice. Maybe they’ll open up to that. Who knows?”


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