Bulgarian Fried Peppers

If you really like spicy food and cooking, then you should definitely experiment on this. I remember when Buna, my Bulgarian grandmother, cooked this dish for my family one night and made it really spicy. Bulgarians like to put a lot of peppers and chilies into their dishes.

What You Need:
• Red Bell Peppers (3)
• Garlic (3 cloves or more) – depends on how much you like garlic
• Tomato (2-3)
• Salt and Pepper
• Eggs (3)
• Feta Cheese
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Vegeta (a condiment containing a mixture of spices and various vegetables) –google it!
It should look something like this image below:

Step 1:
Turn the stove close to high. Put at least 3 spoons of olive in frying pan. Wash bell peppers and cut into 4 sectors. (Leave seeds inside)

Step 2:
Put the sliced bell peppers in pan and let them fry. Turn them over from time to time to make sure they are fried on all sides. (They should have black marks on them)

Step 3:
After about 15-20 min of frying the bell peppers, quickly add the tomatoes inside. (Tomatoes shouldn’t be diced. Cut each tomato into 16 segments and place them on fried bell peppers inside pan)

Step 4:
Let the tomatoes fry on the bell peppers, turn the heat down to medium. Let it fry for about 10 min. Tomatoes should become soggy.

Step 5:
After 10 min, add 3 table spoons of water into the pan. (The more watery the better). Wait 5 min.

Step 6:
After 5 min, add a little bit of salt and pepper (More pepper if you like spicy). Also add a table spoon of Vegeta. Don’t add too much salt since you’ll add feta cheese at the end. Feta cheese is salty. Turn bell peppers over and leave for another 5 min.

[Cut garlic into small pieces. Use at least 3 individual garlic cloves]

Step 7:
After 5 min of frying, add the cut garlic and put them in the pan. Mix the bell peppers around.

Step 8:
After adding garlic, wait 1-2 min. Then take 3 eggs, break them and add them into the frying pan. Scramble them around the tomatoes and bell peppers.

[Take feta cheese, cut it into dices, 3 table spoons – don’t place in pan yet]

Step 9:
When you see that the eggs have cooked, sprinkle the feta cheese on the bell peppers. Mix and turn off stove. Leave lid covering on the pan for 10 min. After 10 min enjoy!

[You may serve this on the side with rice, potatoes, or polenta]

Don’t serve it with polenta during the summer if you happen to be in Italy. Italians prefer to serve polenta during the winter. I learned from experience haha!


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