Meet Giacomo

As I was roaming down the cobblestone streets of Orvieto, I couldn’t help but notice a small dog passing along in the most peculiar manner. It was a wire-haired dachshund who appeared to have an owner, judging by the fancy collar around his neck.

I would see him just about everyday, wandering around with his head held high, as if undiscerning to the outside world. People didn’t seem to notice him at all. I soon grew to suspect that he may be a ghost dog searching for his long lost caregiver.

It wasn’t until my colleagues later told me that everyone in town already knew the dog and that his name was Giacomo. I felt discouraged after hearing this as I already had a story in mind about the mystery dog for my visual narratives class.

A few weeks later, while working on my story, I learned that Giacomo was a name completely made up by one of the art students. I didn’t know what to believe anymore. Just WHO was this strange little creature I constantly saw strutting along with inconceivable arrogance? My art teacher eventually revealed to me the dachshund’s true name, Archimedes. What a bold name!

So reader, I would like for you to meet the notorious Giacomo, otherwise known as Archimedes…….

This photo of Archimedes was taken by Celina

I had finally finished my visual narrative story and titled it as “Jacquamo” which is based on the dog Giacomo or Archimedes….whatever you wish to call him.
By Priscila Matei
Meet Jacquamo.
Everybody loves him.
He lives in Orvieto.
A small medieval town where all is well.
But one day, all was not well.
And Jacquamo saw the distress of his people.
But he was clever,
and he knew just what to do.
Everyone was happy!
Including Jacquamo.
The End.

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