For the Love of Freckles

A face without freckles is like a night without stars.

Many a time I have had to put up with silly comments people made about my freckles. I felt paranoid that people were disgusted by them when they would talk to me. Even as a child, I felt repulsed by my own freckles and prayed that they would go away. I didn’t understand why some people wished they had freckles as they made one’s face look dirty (in my past opinion). Freckles are the uneven distribution of the melanin pigment in the skin, regardless of skin color.

As I’ve grown older and continued to mature in the Kingdom of God, I realized how false my thoughts pertaining to my freckles were. The more I grew to love Christ, the more I began to love myself–and my freckles! Matthew 10:30-31 writes,

He pays even greater attention to you, down to the last detail – even numbering the hairs on your head (or freckles on your face)! So don’t be intimidated by all this bully talk. You’re worth more than a million canaries (The Message).

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to do a photo series called, “For the Love of Freckles”. After Googling the word freckles I discovered that the majority of links were on causes, treatment and prevention of freckles. The world sure has a way of making one feel bad for how one looks, hence why I believe this would be a good project. I hope others could understand that freckles are not necessarily a bad thing.



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