Don’t Listen To Me ~ Propoganda


The following lyrics strongly resonated with me today. If you have not heard of the rapper Jason Emmanuel Petty (aka Propoganda), then I highly recommend you check out the video on this link.

I’m not delusional
This most likely is your first experience with me
Greetings, my name is Propaganda
I wrote my first rap in ’93, simply put
Fire baptized battle rapper
Who’s heavily influenced by folk music and found creative freedom in poetry
Combo is strange, I know
But let this one bake your noodle
I’m the son of a Black Panther
With a Mexican spouse and Caucasian best friends
And my writing tone, now
Is not one that offers you a neat little bow
To tie all your little problems up with
I learned enough to know that I don’t know that much
I know God became a man to save us
And we still can’t explain pyramids
I know ancient Mayans and Egyptian astronomers had a far greater understanding of outer-space than we do
I know academia is so drunk on arrogance and racism
That they’d rather credit these accomplishments
To aliens than to admit that we are not the smartest civilization to ever live
I know I really love my wife, my daughter, and mangos
And for some reason folks find it illogical
To think that a perfectly designed universe screams of a designer
I know sarcasm is really the only time people tell the truth
I know chilaquiles and In-and-Out will be served in Heaven
I know it’s a much better decision to shut yo’ mouth
When you don’t know what you talkin’ ’bout
Than to validate what everybody already thinks of you
I know color theory very well
I have a degree in illustration and intercultural studies
And a teaching credential, yet I rap for a living
Let that sink in
Apparently I don’t know that much
I just know the gospel and good hip-hop
I’m a pretty simple dude
All I got is my all and I promise to give you that
You know lower standards will lower the culture
The Roman empire was destroyed because of lower standards and moral decay
You know they fed each other to lions for entertainment
Humans when left to their on devices seem to be hopelessly selfish
And bent on their own destruction
It seems that unless a power greater than us captures our hearts
Nothing will change that trajectory
Wealth, knowledge, success seems to only feed the beast

But don’t listen to me
We just met
What do I know?


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